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The easiest way to sell your Magic cards

  1. Ship us your unsorted Magic cards.
  2. We sort and grade them, and find the best buylist price in our major retailer network.
  3. You're paid the sum total, minus our fee.
Millions of cards sold

Selling cards is hard work.
We can help.

Just Pack and Ship

Send in your unsorted Magic cards. We'll handle the rest, and you'll get a full report.

How To Ship Magic Cards

Get the Best Buylist Price

We find optimal prices for your cards from our network of major retail buylists.

Card Price Checking Tool

Fast Processing & Payment

Usually it takes 7 days to process your cards, with payment issued 3 days later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epic Customer Support

From the team at Cardhoarder, we are committed to great customer service.

Our Customer Reviews

“Card Conduit offers a lot of value to a fairly large group of players. Buylisting does take a lot of time and effort, and if you don't have a lot of extra time to play around with and have a decent number of cards you're looking to sell, Card Conduit seems like a very solid way to turn cards into cash with little hassle or time commitment.”

Our Services

We offer three service options for selling your Magic cards: Standard, Curated, and Sorted. The best choice for you will depend on the cards you have to sell, and how much prep work you're willing to do.

  • Our Standard Service

    Fees are 10% of total value, plus $0.03 per card.

    Send us your unsorted cards of any value.

  • Our Curated Service

    Fees are 5% of total value. No fee per card.

    Send us your unsorted cards worth $1+ buylist value.

  • Our Sorted Service

    Fees are 2% of total value. No fee per card.

    Choose cards in advance with our selection tool, and then sort them according to the list we provide.

Regardless of which option you choose:

  • We will provide a detailed report of the cards we process.
  • You'll select your choice of service when registering a shipment.
  • Check out our FAQ for more details.

Finding the best wholesale price for your cards

  • Competitive Buylisting Partners

    We check buylist prices at several large vendors, like Card Kingdom and Star City Games, as well as private vendor buylists not open to public submissions.

  • Great Value

    On average, our customers get 19% more for their cards than they would from any major retail buylist (even after our fee). This is because we find the best price for each card across multiple vendors. *based on an analysis of customer shipments against major retail buylists we work with, Sept 2021 - Jan 2022

  • Optimized for Card Condition

    Vendors have different penalties for the wear-and-tear of a card. Sometimes the vendor with the best price for a card in pristine condition would not be the best price for minor condition defects.

  • Spot-Check Our Prices

    Try our price check tool to see our current assessed value for any card.

    Card Price Check

    Collection Estimate Tool

Detailed Reporting and Transparency

We will catalog the cards you send and provide a detailed report that includes:

  • The name and set of each card
  • The wholesale value
  • Other criteria (condition, rarity)
  • Total amounts and fees
  • Spreadsheet Download Available

    Your report will be available to view on our website, and as a CSV file download.

  • Payout Options

    Receive payment via your choice of check, ACH/Direct Deposit, Zelle, or PayPal (usd).

  • I have never sold cards through any other source besides Card Conduit that has actually made me feel that I got fair value for my collection.
  • I think the fee was definitely worth the time I would take to sort and price check them all and then sending them to different online stores/individuals. I will be using them for the rest of my collection as well.
  • Selling to Card Conduit continues to be the easiest and most profitable way to liquidate my collection. Their fees are quite low especially if you choose to do the sorting ahead of time. Payment is fast and their grading of the cards is fair. This was my biggest concern since there are no options to get your cards back after you ship them. You literally rely on them to be fair about your collection’s condition. I was skeptical when I first started using them over a year ago so I sent a small number of cards just to see if their evaluation matched my expectations. Now, I have sent over 5 separate larger shipments with cards of even greater value and continue to be satisfied. Card Conduit takes the hassle out of collection liquidation and I will continue to use them in the future.
  • Simple, clear, fair, and thorough. I had information about every step. Never felt in the dark, felt like there was real time put into my order specifically. I could never have made the money I made on my own, given that stamps, envelopes, and top loaders don’t just appear in my house.
  • Got great value for all my cards. Best prices I have seen for buylisting especially for cash. Customer service was responsive and answered all my questions really quickly.
  • Card Conduit was a fantastic experience from beginning to end.
  • Got a great value on my cards, process was very easy and grading was generous
  • The entire process was extremely easy and very prompt. I had a significant inventory of cards, and they were cataloged quickly and processed for payment. Great communication at every step, and I would happily do business with this company again!
  • It was great to have a place where I can just send everything in one box, and not get bogged down by looking up every card.
  • I was very impressed with the customer service along the process. The communication was sufficient to ease any concerns I had, and I had a small issue come up that I expected to be a loss as part of my misunderstanding, but they proactively offered a solution and made my day. If you are looking to sell some cards, I highly recommend this service.
  • I had been considering selling off the valuable parts of my collection for years, but the entire buylisting process was always a lot more effort than I could invest to get good value. After learning about CardConduit and their service, I felt like it was exactly the solution I needed. Each step of the process was straightforward and clearly explained, and at the end of it I received a single payout at a very reasonable valuation and minimal fees. I chose to put in a little effort and put together a Sorted Shipment to minimize the fees, but CardConduit's offering of different service tiers is really an incredible idea and a godsend if you can't deal with the pain of buylisting yourself. I will (and have already) wholeheartedly recommend CardConduit to others and would absolutely use the service again once my collection becomes a mess again.
  • After we'd made the difficult decision to sell our collection, Card Conduit made the sale itself amazingly easy. Every step of the process was a pleasant surprise, from the efficiency of the collection estimate tool to the fairness of the card grading to the speed of the payout. We'd recommend this service to anyone.
Ready to roll up your sleeves?
Do a little pre-filtering and pay only 5% fees with our CURATED SERVICE: Send a shipment of only valuable cards ($1+ buylist), and we'll take it from there.

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