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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you, the users of our website, and us, Card Conduit LLC. By browsing our site and/or using any of the features of our site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are not put in place to be burdensome or difficult; rather, these Terms and Conditions are in place to protect both ourselves and our legitimate customers. If any of our Terms and Conditions are causing issues for you, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss so that we might seek to find a mutually beneficial alternative or work-around.

Section I. General Information and Use

The information provided on our site is for your general information and use only. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through our website meet your specific needs and requirements.

Section II. Shipping Cost, Risk & Liability

The cost to send shipments to us will be fully paid by the customer. We are not liable for any shipments from you that are lost or damaged on it's way to us. We very strongly recommend insurance when shipping any items of value. The condition of items as received will be the basis for your Payout; please refer to our shipping guide for advice on how to protect your cards in transit.

Section III. Customer Service

We strive to provide excellent and transparent customer service for every transaction. Inevitably, small issues will arise and will be handled as best as we are able. We ask that you have patience with us during busy times, and that you give us the opportunity to fix any issues that may occur. Please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have related to your Card Conduit experience.

Section IV. Returns and Disputes

Under normal circumstances, your shipment processing is considered "finalized" when we send your results. Once finalized, cards cannot be returned to you and our assessed grading/value cannot be disputed. This is because our business relies on specific handling logistics to effectively sort cards and organize them for shipment to our vendors. Once processing is finalized, the cards go into our general outgoing inventory and it is not possible to determine which cards came from your shipment at that point.

We realize some customers would like an opportunity to review the processing results (and grading). We offer a "hold for review" option for shipments meeting the following criteria:

  • The Shipment is using our Curated or Sorted Service. Standard Service shipments are often too large to feasibly be held for review. If you have concerns and would like to use our Standard Service, please reach out to customer support to discuss further.
  • The Shipment is max 500 cards. If you have more than 500 cards to send, please break them into separate Shipments of maximum 500 cards each.

For shipments that have been held for review, there will 48 hours from the time our report is issued for the customer to review the results and inform us of any issues or concerns. During that 48 hour window, we will hold the contents of your shipment to make it possible for us to review and resolve your concerns, prior to merging the cards into our general inventory. In the event there are issues or concerns, we will work with you to find a mutually acceptable solution to address it. In the event there are no issues or concerns, the processing will then be finalized.

Please note that choosing our "hold for review" option will add 2 days to your total estimated processing time.

If there are items you shipped by mistake, please contact us before we receive the shipment so we can set them aside. You will be responsible for paying any return shipping.

Section V. Payout Methods

Currently our Payout Methods are via Paypal, mailed Check, and Zelle. Payouts are generally processed no later than 3 days after your shipment has been fully processed (exceptions to this are discussed below in Section VI).


  • Checks are mailed via USPS.
  • Delivery typically takes 7 business days once the payout has been processed, but could be longer depending on USPS.
  • Checks not cashed within 180 days will be cancelled.


  • Paypal payments are made the same day as your Payout has processed (i.e., generally no later than 3 days after your shipment has been fully processed). The funds should show up in your account shortly after processing.
  • Paypal charges fees to you to receive payment. Please see Paypal for details.
  • Additional information that may or may not apply to your payout;
    • When Paypal accounts that do not have extensive history receive a payment, PayPal may place a hold on the funds. Please let us know as soon as possible if this happens so we can mark the items "received" to reduce the wait time. Please note that this hold is by determined by Paypal, not by us.


  • To receive Zelle payments, Zelle must be supported by your bank; please confirm that your bank accepts Zelle prior to choosing this payment method.
  • Zelle payments are made the same day your Payout has processed (i.e., generally no later than 3 days after your shipment has been fully processed). The funds should show up in your account shortly after processing.
  • Zelle requires a Zelle account registered with either an email or a phone number.
  • Zelle generally does not charge fees to receive payments.
  • Due to daily send limits for Zelle, we are unable to offer Zelle payments for shipments of $3,000 or more; in these cases, we strongly recommend using the ACH payment method if you are looking for an electronic method of payment without fees.

ACH / Direct Deposit

  • To receive an ACH payment, you must have a U.S.-based bank account.
  • ACH information will be collected via a secure Jotform link after you input the shipping details for your shipment.
  • ACH payments are made the same day your Payout has processed (i.e., generally no later than 3 days after your shipment has been fully processed). The funds arrive in your bank account the business day after the payment is processed.
  • There are generally no fees to receive an ACH payment.

Section VI. Process of Shipments and Expected Timelines

  • We offer three shipment types. A "Curated Shipment" which is expected to include only cards with a buylist value of value $1 or more. A "Standard Shipment" is for cards of any value. A "Sorted Shipment" which requires you to create a list of what cards are included in your shipment and sort those cards in a particular order in advance. The Sorted Shipment list will be composed with the selection tools provided on our website, and eligible cards will be limited to items with a buylist value of $1 or more. The shipment types have different fee structures, and special considerations, all of which are addressed below.
  • Once we physically receive your shipment, we will update our website to mark the shipment as "received" and you will be notified via email.

Processing Shipments

  • Shipments will be fully processed within 5 days of receipt for Sorted shipments and within 1 week of receipt for Curated/Standard shipments; exceptionally large shipments may take longer to process, and you will be notified directly if/when we anticipate your shipment to take longer to process. If you have selected the "hold for review" option, we will add two days to the typical processing time.
  • All cards are individually cataloged (unless you've selected Exclusions, explained below. Please note Exclusions only apply for Standard Shipments).
  • All items not considered to be bulk (defined as cards without an individual buy price that is at least $0.10 or higher) will be assessed individually to determine condition.
  • Our grading of the condition of the items is based on the grade we believe our partners will give the card. All grades on cards are final and you may not dispute the grading of any card(s) once the processing has been finalized. Please see Section IV above for additional details on how and when your shipment is finalized. Please see Section VII below for more information on grading.
  • Once your Shipment is processed, you will receive a breakdown of each item, its condition (for non-bulk items), and value.
  • Cards found to be counterfeit/fake will be assessed at zero value and, per industry standards, will be destroyed.

Non-English Cards

We do not accept non-English cards in shipments and require that they be removed from all shipments prior to submission to us. There are certain exceptions to this where the card(s) were only printed in non-English (e.g., Strixhaven Mystical Archive). If you are unsure if your cards fall under the exception, please reach out to our support team prior to shipping your cards to discuss.

Any non-English cards mistakenly received will not be catalogued as part of the shipment and may be returned at the customer’s request for a $10 fee; return requests must be made within 72 hours of the finalization of the shipment, after which point they will be unable to be returned and will be deemed forfeited.

Payout Amount

We do our absolute best to provide you with the highest payout possible for each item in your shipment from among our network of major buylilst partners; transparency and trustworthiness are paramount.

  • For non-bulk items, the price you receive is based on the price our partners are paying for them - at the condition we have graded the item (i.e., generally the best available buylist price among our major buylist partners).

  • For bulk items (i.e., anything not being purchased individually by our partners for $0.10 or higher), the payout per item will be as follows:

    • Common $0.002
    • Uncommon $0.002
    • Rare $0.03
    • Mythic $0.13
    • Basic Land $0.005
    • Full-Art Basic Land $0.03
    • Foil Common $0.03
    • Foil Uncommon $0.03
    • Foil Rare $0.10
    • Foil Mythic $0.13
    • Foil Basic Land $0.05
    • Bulk Items deemed to be in Heavily Played (HP) condition or worse will be given a value of zero, as they are generally not sellable items
  • The fee we charge you for our services depends on your shipment type.

    • For Standard Shipments, the fee is equal to:
      • 10% of the total assessed value of your shipment PLUS
      • $0.03 per card individually cataloged in your shipment
    • For Curated Shipments, the fee is equal to:
      • The higher of (1) 5% of the total assessed value of your shipment, or (2) $5; in effect, this creates a minimum fee for Curated Shipments of $5.
      • There is no per card fee for Curated Shipments.
    • For Sorted Shipments, the fee is equal to:
      • 2% of the total assessed value of your shipment.
      • There is no per card fee for Sorted Shipments.
  • There will be an additional desleeving fee of $20 if your shipment has over 100 sleeved cards, and an additional $20 for each 500 sleeved cards thereafter. This fee helps offset labor costs of de-sleeving cards, and we hope encourages customers to de-sleeve their cards before sending them. Sleeves do not provide additional protection to cards in transit, and in fact are more likely to cause card damage. Please refer to our shipping guide for more information.

    • Please note: This fee only applies if there is a significant amount of sleeved cards (100+); If fewer than 100 of cards are sleeved, we will de-sleeve them as a courtesy and no additional fee will apply.
  • Total assessed value is calculated using the best buylist prices available from our major buylist partners. Items falling into our definition of "bulk" will be assessed a value according to our bulk rates.

  • The fee is deducted from the Payout due to you. Our fees are only deducted from the Payout; you will never be asked to make separate payment. In the event the fee exceeds the Payout, there will simply be no Payout due.

  • Exclusions - For Standard Shipments only When registering your Standard Shipment, you will have the option to exclude certain categories of cards from being individually cataloged. These excluded classes of cards will:

    • Be paid at our then-current bulk-rates; and
    • Appear in your itemized report as a single line item for each exclusion type selected; and
    • Incur no processing fees (i.e., neither the $0.03 per card noted above, nor the 10% of value assessed noted above).
  • The amount of your Payout cannot be disputed once the shipment processing has been finalized. Please see Section IV above for additional details on how and when your shipment processing is finalized. Our trustworthiness in accurately indexing the cards in your Shipment, grading the cards in your Shipment, and reporting the true buylist dollar amounts for our highest paying buylist partners for the cards in your Shipment is critical to the success of our business - and to your satisfaction. We have a lengthy history in the Magic Industry and a well-known reputation for fair-dealing and trustworthiness.

  • You will receive a list breaking down all of your non-bulk priced cards and conditions as well as a count of each type of bulk you're paid out for.

Payout Timing

  • Payouts will generally be processed no later than 3 days after your shipment has been Processed using the Payout method selected by you, except as noted below.
  • Shipments of exceptional value ($10,000 or more) or with exceptional items (e.g., cards at high risk of being counterfeit, such as items from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities or unusual/illiquid promotional items) may have their Payouts delayed if additional verification is required. In the event of a Payout delay, you will be contacted by our customer support and kept apprised of the reason for the delay and the timeline for your Payout.

Section VII. Condition Guide

Our grading ranges are NM (Near Mint), LP (Lightly Played), MP (Moderately Played), HP (Heavily Played), and DMG (Damaged). Borderline cards will be considered to be the lesser grade.

These grades fit within each of our buylist partners' conditional guidelines and follow normal industry standards. The grade we assign to a card is the same condition we will declare that card to be when selling it to a major buylist partner (or the closest equivalent thereof if the buylist partner uses a different scale).