Frequently Asked Questions

What partners does Card Conduit use for selling / buylisting cards?

Card Conduit utilizes buylists from a variety of large vendors (e.g., Card Kingdom, Channel Fireball, TCGPlayer, and more) to ensure the best pricing is received for each card at its graded condition.

How is card value determined?

A card's value is equal to the highest amount being paid by any vendor utilized by Card Conduit taking into account the condition of that card as that vendor would grade it and the quantity of cards that vendor is buying at that specific price.

How can I partner with Card Conduit to buy cards?

We are always on the lookout for reliable, responsive vendors with extensive buylists to add to our sales outlet options. Reach out to us at to discuss being included.

Do you accept shipments from outside the US?

We're happy to accept shipments from outside the US, however, for non-English cards please refer to the section below here that addresses how we handle them. Otherwise, simply ensure the package is well prepared for the long journey. Feel free to reference our shipping guide for suggestions.

What value should I expect for non-english cards?

Unfortunately, non-english cards in the US have very few outlets when buylisting. As such, we do our best to locate the best price where available, but that may mean there is none a lot of the time. However, if you have expensive ($50+) individual Foil non-english versions of cards we recommend the Foreign High-End Foil MTG Facebook group as a potential singles outlet or the Non-English MTG Facebook group for other singles ($20+).

What about Artist-Signed Cards?

Unfortunately most vendors consider artist-signed cards to be “damaged” condition (regardless of actual wear and tear) and will not purchase them. The vendors who do purchase signed cards will only buy them if in Near Mint condition, and even then they will downgrade their buy price (typically applying their Lightly Played or Moderately Played price). Typically we don’t recommend sending them in to our service, as there is a risk they will not return much value, but we will of course process them to the best of our ability if you choose to include them in your shipment.

What about Altered Art Cards?

Unfortunately, most US vendors do not purchase Altered Art cards. The ones that do tend to grade them as "Damaged" (Even if they're otherwise in pristine condition) and so at best we'll see is 25% of Near Mint value given. So while, yes, we can accept them, in most cases you'll get better value soliciting offers from some of the various Facebook groups that deal with Altered Art cards such as the High End MTG Alters group. There are numerous others, so your best bet would be to solicit multiple or find one the fits the niche your Altered Art cards belong.

How can multiple copies of the same card have different assessed values?

Some of our buying partners have limitations on the quantity they'll accept of a specific card. If you send several copies of the same card, we may need to sell copies to more than one partner at different prices.

Where do I need to ship my cards?

Our processing facility is in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide the specific shipping address and instructions when you register a shipment.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your cards to us, including any insurance (which we strongly recommend you get).

How should I prepare my cards for shipment?

Please see our shipping guide for suggestions on packaging, shipping carriers, and other tips to ensure your cards reach us securely and without damage.

After shipping my cards, I've changed my mind. Can I get my cards back?

If your shipment has not yet been received, or has been received but we have not begun processing it, you can pay the shipping cost + insurance to ship your collection back to you. If your collection has already been received and processing has started, we may require a surcharge fee (or might not even be possible) for us to return your items.

How long will it take to get my shipment report and payment?

Generally, shipments will be fully processed and you will receive your shipment report within 1 week of receipt of that shipment. For exceptionally large/unique collections (3,000+ cards), that timeframe may be longer and you will be contacted directly if we anticipate it taking longer than 1 week to process.

Payment via your chosen payment will generally be processed by us 1 week after processing has completed on the shipment. Shipments of exceptional value or with exceptional items done 1 week after may have their Payouts delayed; you will be contacted directly and kept apprised of the reason for the delay and the timeline for your Payout.

I chose a Check as my Payout method, how long will it take to get to me?

We use a 3rd-Party check issuing company. Their typical estimate for most places within the continental US is 5-7 business days. This is fairly accurate from what we've seen. There is tracking via USPS business class mail scans, however, there's no public facing USPS way to show this. If it's been longer than 7 business days since you've been notified of payment being issued, please feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

What will be in the final report of my shipment?

Our report will include an itemized list of your cards with our assessed value. For non-bulk items, our report will list the item's condition. A searchable version of the report will be available via our website, as well as a CSV spreadsheet you can download.

Along with the report, we will provide a summary of the total amounts and our fees. Sometimes there are items we could not process like a typical card -- such as sealed booster packs -- and these will be listed separately as "miscellaneous items".

What if I disagree with Card Conduit's assessed value of my cards?

Our business is set up to maximize the value of your cards by utilizing large, reliable buylist vendors and understanding the grading conditions (and value downgrades) of those vendors. However, due to the cost and time required to individually catalog shipments, we are unable to change the assessed value (or assessed condition) of any cards.

Are there any fees aside from processing fees?

There will be an additional fee of $20 if your shipment contains (100+) sleeved cards. This fee helps offset labor costs of de-sleeving cards, and we hope encourages customers to de-sleeve their cards before sending them. Sleeves do not provide additional protection to cards in transit, and in fact are more likely to cause card damage.

What if Card Conduit fees exceed the total value of my shipment?

You would not receive any payout from your collection, but you would also not owe us any additional fees to cover the deficit.

What are Exclusions?

We offer customers the option to omit Basic Lands, Commons, and Uncommons from processing. These classes of cards are costly to individually process and generally have little-to-no value. Customer fees are waived for excluded cards, and instead those cards are paid at the applicable bulk rates.

Note that exclusions are just an option for customers, and you have the choice for all the cards in your shipment to be processed. We see benefits for us both in this feature, though: a win for us by lowering operating costs and a win for the customer by lowering processing fees.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do have a limited affiliate program. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please reach out to us at

Can you donate cards to my charity / organization?

We'd like to work with any charity or organization that can put Magic cards to a positive non-commercial use. Please reach out to us at

Cards with Strong / Unusual Smells

Unfortunately, cards with strong or unusually heavy smells permeating them such as smoke, mold, or mildew, are unable to be liquidated/sold wholesale and in extreme cases will be returned to you. In some of these situations there are remedies available around the web, however, they can be time consuming and so are not a service we're able to provide here.