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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Standard Shipment?
Our core card selling service. Send in your unsorted cards. We'll catalog and assess the value for each card, and provide a full report of our work. Our standard fee for this service is 10% of the total value we assess for your cards, plus $0.03 per card.
What is a Curated Shipment?
Reduced fees for small, valuable shipments. Curated Shipments only have fees of 5% of the total value we assess for your cards, with a $5 minimum fee. This reduced fee is for small, focused shipments of valuable cards. These shipments are akin to traditional style buylisting, though the contents still do not need to be sorted in advance. There is no per-card fee.
Where do I need to ship my cards?
SLC, Utah. We provide our full shipping address and instructions during the shipment registration process.
Do I need to pay for shipping?
Yes, you do. Shipping is your responsibility and we recommend you get insurance.
Do you accept shipments from outside the US?
Yes, we do. We accept shipments from outside the US, but you should expect little to no value for non-English cards.
How should I prepare my cards for shipment?
Refer to our Shipping Guide. Our shipping guide includes suggestions for packaging, shipping carriers, and other tips to ensure your cards reach us securely and without damage.
Can my Curated Shipment exceed 150 cards?
Yes, but conditions apply. The intent of Curated Shipments is to mirror traditional buylists, which means we anticipate the average card buylist value to be $1 or higher and for items that are bulk (i.e., no buylist value) to be removed from the shipment. We can accept cards in excess of 150 cards if those guidelines can be met. Please note that a higher minimum fee may apply.
After shipping my cards, I've changed my mind. Can I get my cards back?
Yes, if we haven't processed them yet. If your shipment has not yet been received, or has been received but we have not begun processing it, you can pay the shipping cost + insurance to have your shipment returned.
How long will it take to get my shipment report and to issue payment?
2 weeks total. You should receive your full report within 1 week of us receiving your shipment. Large shipments (3k+ cards) may take slightly longer, and you will be contacted if we think your shipment will take more than 1 week to process.
It will take up to an additional week for us to issue payment to you. Payments may be delayed if your shipment has exceptionally valuable/unique cards, in which case you will be contacted directly about the reason for delay and the timeline for your payment.
What will be in the final report of my shipment?
An itemized list of your cards with our assessed value. A searchable version of the report will be available via our website, as well as a CSV spreadsheet you can download. The report will include the condition of each non-bulk card.
Along with the report, we will provide a summary of the total amounts and our fees. Sometimes there are non-card items we could not process normally -- such as sealed booster packs -- and these will be listed separately as "miscellaneous items".
If I choose payment via check, how long will it take to get to me?
Expect 1 week for domestic mail delivery. We use a 3rd-Party check issuing company and 7 business days is the standard delivery estimate within the continental US. There is limited tracking via USPS business class mail scans, but we're unable to provide tracking information to customers directly at this time. If you have been waiting over 8 days since payment was issued, you can contact and we'll be happy to investigate for you.
What are your service fees?
10% of value + $0.03/card. Our standard shipment fees are 10% of the total value we assess for your cards, plus $0.03 per card.
What are your service fees for Curated Shipments?
5% of value, $5 minumum. Curated Shipments only have fees of 5% of the total value we assess for your cards, with a $5 minimum fee. This reduced fee is for small, focused shipments of valuable cards. These shipments are akin to traditional style buylisting, though the contents still do not need to be sorted in advance. There is no per-card fee.
Are there any fees aside from processing fees?
Only for desleeving cards. There will be an additional fee of $20 if your shipment contains (100+) sleeved cards. This fee helps offset labor costs of de-sleeving cards, and we hope encourages customers to de-sleeve their cards before sending them. Sleeves do not provide additional protection to cards in transit, and in fact are more likely to cause card damage.
What if fees exceed the total value of my shipment? Could I owe money?
No payment will be issued; you do not owe anything. You would not receive any payout from your collection, but you would also not owe us any additional fees to cover the deficit.
Does the per-card fee apply to every card? Even the cards worth nothing?
Yes, for all processed cards. Our per-card fee applies to every card we process for your report, even the cards worth nothing. This fee is for the labor involved with processing your shipment. You can avoid per-card fees by choosing to exclude classes of cards that are typically worthless, such as non-foil Basic Lands, Commons, and Uncommons. This option is provided during our shipment registration flow.
Do your bulk rates account for the Standard Shipment per-card fee?
No, our listed bulk rates are before any fee is applied. This means that some bulk (such as bulk commons and uncommons) would have a net negative impact on your final payout for the cards you ship to us. You can find our bulk rates in our terms.
Can I avoid processing fees on cards with no value (i.e. bulk)?
Yup. Check out our 'Exclusions' option. For standard shipments, our Exclusions option let's you choose to omit non-foil Basic Lands, Commons, and/or Uncommons from processing.
Fees are waived for such excluded cards, and they will not appear itemized in your shipment report. We will, however, still value these items at our bulk rates as payment to you.
How is card value determined?
Best graded buylist price. Card value is based on the highest amount being paid by any of our buylist partners, and with consideration for the card's condition.
What partners does Card Conduit use for selling / buylisting cards?
Most major retailers. We utilize buylists from a variety of large vendors (e.g., Card Kingdom, Channel Fireball, TCGPlayer, and more), as well as some smaller buylisting partners. Our overall goal is to work with many buyers to find the best wholesale price for your cards.
How is card condition determined?
Industry standards and buylisting partners. We apply industry standards regarding wear, scratches, clouding, indentations, and various other criteria to assess the condition of your cards to one of: Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played, Highly Played, Damaged, or Rejected (no value). This condition assessment will appear on your itemized report (for non-bulk cards).
In some cases, we need to adjust the condition depending on the varying standards of our buylisting partners. What is Near Mint to one vendor may be considered Lightly Played by another, and so on. We will always strive to match your card with the best paying buylisting partner, and that partner's specific criteria may have an impact on the final reported condition of your card. We may even downgrade the condition of your card when it results in a higher valuation (it can happen!).
Non-English Cards: What value should I expect?
Little to no value. Unfortunately, non-english cards in the US have very few outlets when buylisting. Most of the time that means we're unable to assess any value for such items. Rather than shipping non-english cards to us, we recommend the Foreign High-End Foil MTG and the Non-English MTG Facebook groups for selling your high value non-english cards.
Artist-Signed Cards: What value should I expect?
Not recommended: Limited buyers; condition downgrade. Most vendors consider artist-signed cards to be Heavily Played or Damaged condition (regardless of actual wear and tear) and will not purchase them. The vendors who do purchase signed cards will only buy them if in Near Mint condition, and even then they will downgrade their buy price (typically applying their Lightly Played or Moderately Played price). Typically we don’t recommend sending them in to our service, as there is a risk they will not return much value, but we will of course process them to the best of our ability if you choose to include them in your shipment.
Altered Art Cards: What value should I expect?
Not recommended: Automatic damaged condition. Unfortunately, most US vendors do not purchase Altered Art cards. The ones that do tend to grade them as "Damaged" (Even if they're otherwise in pristine condition) and so at best we'll see is 25% of Near Mint value given. So while, yes, we can accept them, in most cases you'll get better value soliciting offers from some of the various Facebook groups that deal with Altered Art cards such as the High End MTG Alters group. There are numerous others, so your best bet would be to solicit multiple or find one the fits the niche your Altered Art cards belong.
What about cards with a strong/unusual smell?
No value. Unfortunately, cards with strong or unusually heavy smells permeating them such as smoke, mold, or mildew, are unable to be liquidated/sold wholesale and in extreme cases will be returned to you. In some of these situations there are remedies available around the web, however, they can be time consuming and so are not a service we're able to provide here.
How can multiple copies of the same card have different assessed values?
Buylist quantity limits. Some of our buying partners have limitations on the quantity they'll accept of a specific card. If you send several copies of the same card, we may need to sell copies to more than one partner at different prices.
What if I disagree with Card Conduit's assessed value of my cards?
Contact us with your concerns. Our business is set up to maximize the value of your cards by utilizing large, reliable buylist vendors and understanding the grading conditions (and value downgrades) of those vendors. However, due to the cost and time required to individually catalog shipments, we are unable to change the assessed value (or assessed condition) of any cards.
We will, however, certainly review specific items of concern to further explain our valuation/grading process, and provide any additional details we can to help you understand the basis for our conclusions.
I'm a wholesale buyer. How can I partner with Card Conduit?
Email us. We are always on the lookout for reliable, responsive vendors with extensive buylists to add to our sales outlet options. Reach out to us at to discuss being included.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We do have a limited affiliate program. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please reach out to us at
Would Card Conduit donate cards to my charity organization?
Yes, we would. We'd like to work with any charity or organization that can put Magic cards to a positive non-commercial use. Please reach out to us at

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