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Shipping Your Magic Cards

In this guide you'll find suggestions for packaging, shipping carriers, and other tips to ensure your cards reach us securely and without damage.

Before we get into those suggestions, please note that we will require your shipment tracking number. This helps us plan for the arrival of your shipment. These days, most major shipping carriers provide tracking at no additional cost.

We also recommend getting insurance, as Card Conduit is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.

Packing Your Cards

  • While not required, we highly recommend removing cards from any sort of binder/sleeves, etc. They typically don't add any more protection than without and in some cases can cause additional surface wear when they shift within the sleeve during transit. Between this reason and the significant labor cost to de-sleeve them, we've added a 'de-sleeving fee' ($20) for shipments with excessive cards sleeved (100+).
  • Top-loaders / Team Bags (foldable flap with adhesive) are typically the best recommendation when looking for specific security for expensive cards.
  • Cards should be secured in a deck box, fat pack box, hard case, or single/multi-row card box/container.
  • We advise you not use things like tape, rubber bands, paper clips or similar items to secure single cards as the likelihood of damage occurring in transit is high.
  • Pack the boxes tightly to minimize excess space that would allow the contents to shift during transit.
  • Use packing peanuts, packing paper and/or bubble wrap for reducing space/movement.
  • Newspaper is not recommended because the ink may transfer to items, resulting in damage.
  • If shipping sealed product, avoid securing it with tape, which could cause damage to the packaging when removed.

Storage Containers to Ship Cards In

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on our own experiences and represent our effort to make the shipping process easier/smoother for those that desire it. We take no responsibility as to the adequacy of these products, nor do we make any warranty as to the adequacy of these products for their intended use. Ultimately, it is up to you to ensure (and insure!) your collection arrives to us safely, and in the condition it was sent.

The Edge Crush Test (ECT) Rating

We recommend you use a heavy duty box that has thick, well-reinforced walls. One way box manufacturers indicate this is with the edge crush test (ECT) rating, which represents the weight the box can withstand before buckling. Look for small boxes to have 32 lbs. ECT, and for larger boxes you want 200 lbs. ECT.

We DO NOT recommend the brown cardboard boxes (i.e. moving boxes) often sold at USPS locations. They are quite thin and tend to be crushed or split open under the weight of other boxes.

Card Storage Boxes

Here are some specific products we would recommend. These can either be shipped as-is with some additional internal padding or, in the case of the smaller versions, combined into a single larger shipment within another box.

For card quantities significantly less than 400, it is recommended to secure them inside of a standard deck box and ship within a Poly or Kraft Bubble Mailer (can be found at any local office supply store).

Please Note: If you're wanting to utilize USPS' Priority Flat Rate Boxes you can also fit up to 4 of the 400 Ct. Storage Boxes inside of a Medium Flat Rate USPS Priority box which can be found free at any USPS Location.

Bubble Wrap/Filler

  • Use packing peanuts, packing paper and/or bubble wrap for reducing space/movement.
  • Newspaper is not recommended because the ink may transfer to items, resulting in damage.

Something soft like this should be used to keep your cards secure and prevent moving/shifting within the box during transit. This is also useful if you're shipping multiple storage/deck boxes within a larger shipment box to keep from shifting.

Please Note: you can also usually find something similar for under $5 at a local office supply store

Choosing a Shipping Carrier

We've listed some of the major carriers below, with the typical cost you can expect. The ideal carrier often varies based on the size of your shipment: For example, USPS flat shipping rates are great for shipments up to ~4,300 cards. Larger shipments may get a better rate with UPS.


  • Does not offer packing services.
  • Rates as low as $7.35 for a 1lb box.
  • Many collections will fit within their Flat Rate Boxes which allow you to ship any amount for a flat rate fee up to 25lbs (6425 Magic cards) within 1 box.
  • At any USPS location, you can get a free Medium Flat Rate box, which will fit ~4,300 cards for $14.35 postage.
  • You can order various Flat Rate Box options for free from Delivery times for these items may vary based on your location and time of year.


  • Retail office locations offer packing services and materials.
  • Rates as low as $9.72.


  • Retail office locations offer packing services and materials.
  • Rates as low as $8.95.

If you have any further questions about how best to prepare your shipment, reach out to us at [email protected].

Assessing Collection Size

Estimating how many cards you'll send can help predict your shipping costs, as well as our processing fees. Here are some facts to help guesstimate the number of cards you have:

Weight in grams of a Magic card (0.063oz)
Cards in a 1-inch stack
Cards in a booster box (2.1 lbs)
Cards that will fit in a Medium Flat Rate Box from USPS

*foil cards are slightly heavier/thicker.

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