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Maxamillion McMahon
Review left Feb 08 2022
Shipment processed Jan 27 2022
$194.76 payout, $10.25 fees

First experience: Carefree, simple, easy


Been hearing about Card Conduit for awhile on one of my favorite podcasts (MTGGoldfish). I bought way too many MH2 cards... some decent valued ones. Threw in some others as well. Using the curated option, I enjoyed the 5% fee on my valuable cards. I have to say this was such an easy experience. I created an order, packed up my cards, shipped them off. A few weeks later I got a detailed report and got paid out.

MTG is a big hobby of mine but I rarely have time to go through my collection, price out cards, or even sort them sometimes if I'm being honest. Having a good go-to way to sell my more valuable cards is really big for me. I send my cards out and forget about it. Can't recommend this service enough. Plan on using Card Conduit whenever I need to sell in the future. Thanks for being awesome Card Conduit!
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