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Our Curated Service: An Easier Way to Buylist Magic Cards

Our Curated Service requires a little more work up front than our Standard service (which is really just pack and ship), but also entails a lower fee. To use this service, we would want you to pre-screen your cards to only send us items that have a retail value of $2 or more.

Who Should Use Our Curated Shipment Service

Our Curated Shipments are designed to keep things extremely easy for our customers, but to reward the work you do separating out and sending us only the cards of notable value (typically what one does when buylisting with MTG vendors). The fee structure for Curated Shipments is just 5% of the assessed value, with no per-card fee. There is a minimum fee of $5. You still benefit from the best buylist prices for your cards among our buylist partners, but only need to send a single shipment to us, rather than several shipments to several vendors. You don't need to sort, price, or grade your cards in advance – just pack them safely, and ship.

Here's a breakdown of the reasons we think someone would really appreciate our Curated services, versus individuals who might want to go a different route:

Curated Shipments are Great For People Who:

  • buylist on occasion or frequently to one vendor.
  • buylist on occasion or frequently to multiple vendors.
  • are comfortable with receiving buylist prices but want to eliminate time spent on selling cards.
  • want to use our Standard service but are willing to determine which cards have value and only ship those.

You buylist frequently to one vendor.

If you’re using a single vendor to buylist with, you’re missing out on great prices from other vendors in the industry. The vendor you’re selling to now is very likely one of our buylist partners, so shipments to us will mean higher payouts – even after our fees.

You buylist frequently to multiple vendors.

If you’re using multiple vendors to buylist with, you’re probably savvy and always looking for the best buylist price. You can still get that from us, but instead of multiple shipments to different vendors, you’re sending a single shipment to us. All you need is for that 5% fee to be less than your savings on shipping. We may even have access to buylist prices not available to the public, or to vendors you’re not currently using. Don’t forget you won’t need to deal with weird sorting rules for every vendor – time is money!

You are comfortable with receiving buylist prices but want to eliminate time spent on selling cards.

You’re generally happy with the buylist prices you see across the vendor-sphere, but you are capped out on time to pay attention to special sorting rules, uploading cards into buylists and waiting for approvals (or rejections), and hate staying on top of the nuances with buylisting with each vendor. At Card Conduit, we do that every day and your shipments to us don’t need to be sorted or graded – just pack it up safely, and let us handle the rest for you.

You want to use our Standard service but are willing to determine which cards have value and only ship those.

Card Conduit's buying process is straight-forward, easy to understand, and above all, transparent. You get the best rates available to us for the cards you send in, and our fee is aligned with your desire to maximize your payout without having to go through the pains of sorting, grading, and shipping out your cards. Despite all that, you’re willing to spend time to use our tools to determine which cards have value in order to benefit from our services at a lower cost to you.

You Might Consider Other Options If:

  • You are very price sensitive.
  • You want to sell your cards at or close to retail value
  • You don't want to sell your cards unless the price is "right"

You are very price sensitive

With Card Conduit, you're effectively paying us to do the work of sorting, grading, and parceling out your cards at the best possible buylist price. If you have the ability and desire to maximize your collection value by selling individual cards from your collection on marketplace sites (e.g., TCGPlayer, eBay, etc.), even our Curated service may not be a good fit to sell your cards.

You want to sell your collection at or close to retail value

The MTG industry uses price guides like TCGPlayer Mid or a vendor's sell price to determine "value". Retail selling price is often a price only vendors can achieve. When players sell cards themselves, they typically sell their items to vendors at Magic Fests or online. The selling price obtained this way is often called "buylist" pricing, and can be quite a bit less than retail – especially for lower value cards (items < $5). The prices Card Conduit uses are the highest buylist pricing available from its buylist vendor outlets. So, while you get the best rates in this pricing tier for your collection, the value assigned to cards in your collection will not be the retail prices on those cards.

You don't want to sell your cards unless the price is "right"

Card Conduit's system is set up to put in significant work to determine the value of your collection and efficiently sort it for immediate sale. Because of this, we are unable to return your cards after this work is done if you think the price isn't high enough. Our system is designed to be transparent and maximize your value to the greatest extent we can, but if you have any hesitation as to whether you really want to sell, or that you could get a higher price on your own, Card Conduit is probably not a great fit for your collection.

Retail vs. Buylist Prices

The Magic:The Gathering market uses price guides like TCGPlayer Mid or a particular vendor's selling price to determine "value". Typically, such retail prices can only be achieved by vendors.

Instead, when players want to sell cards, they will usually sell to a vendor's "Buylist". Buylisting is essentially a wholesale market, where cards are purchased by vendors at below-retail prices for the purposes of resale.

Card Conduit seeks out the best prices in the buylisting market to optimize the value of your collection.

Comparing Our Shipment Services

Our STANDARD SERVICE is for any number of unsorted cards, and the fees are 10% of the total assessed value, plus $0.03 per card. This service is ideal for customers who want the easiest option. We do all the work.

Our CURATED SERVICE is for small shipments of valuable cards, and the fees are of 5% of the total assessed value (and no per-card fee). There is a $5 minimum fee. This service involves a little more work for you, as you'll need to ensure you're only sending cards of value (otherwise our minimum fee will apply). These shipments are akin to traditional style buylisting, though the contents don't need to be sorted.

Regardless of which service you choose, we're committed to providing a great experience during your card selling journey!

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