Collection Estimate Tool
Our estimate tool will appraise your Magic: The Gathering collection based on each card's best buylist price , and for the condition provided (if any).
Import Options
Delver Lens
  • In 'All Cards' lists view - Press the ... drop down and choose 'Share - Buy - Sell'.
  • Then select 'Create CSV file'.
  • Select these field options:
    • Scryfall ID
    • Name
    • Quantity
    • Condition
    • Foil
    • Language
  • Choose Separator: Comma
  • To create an export file, go to Inventory > Tools > Export
TCG Player (mobile app)
  • In Settings, set export to CSV format.
  • Export your collection.
  • Go to Collection > Export.
  • Choose the CSV export option.
  • Check the box to "fill in missing printing data".
Early access: We're working to support additional file formats and features. Please send feedback to or @CardConduit.

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