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Card Conduit makes it easy to sell your excess Magic cards. Simply mail us your cards, and we'll handle all the cataloging, condition assessment, and buylisting. Anything we can't sell goes to charity, and you enjoy the bulk of the proceeds while freeing up some space on your shelf.

Our Team

Card Conduit shares its leadership with another presence in the Magic community, Cardhoarder.

Since 2005, Cardhoarder has been a trusted retailer for Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) and known for its exemplary service, seamless customer experience, and a commitment to integrity.

Nathaniel and Cheyne, two of Card Conduit's founding members, are owners at Cardhoarder. The third founding member, Nick, is Cardhoarder's Loan Program Manager and brings years of experience buying and selling paper Magic cards.

We are committed to bringing the same level of service, transparency, and ease of use to our customers at Card Conduit.

Our Mission

If you have ever tried to sell a box of Magic cards, you know it's no simple task. Sure, a few high value cards are easy enough to sell at your LGS or to a web store's buylist. But selling an entire box of cards can take hours of work.

First, you need to catalog your cards, and sort everything -- usually by set, then by name.

Then, you need to know card prices: The vast majority of cards are near-worthless ("bulk"). Most of the major online retailers have a buylist to indicate what cards they are buying, and at what price, which can vary greatly by retailer.

Next, there's card condition: Wear and tear can have a major effect on card value, and each retailer has different rules for the condition they will accept and its impact on their buying price. You would need to assess the condition of your cards and check the retailer's guidelines.

After all this, and for the best result, you would sell to various retailers. This would mean a separate buylist submission shipped to each retailer, and each according to its packing guidelines.

For the average person, spending hours cataloging cards, checking buy prices, and filling out shipping labels is a tedious affair. Our mission is to make it painless -- ship cards to us, and we'll handle the rest.

Our Guarantee

We will do our absolute best to provide you with the highest payout possible. We realize that trust is paramount, and we are committed to providing a thorough report of the Magic cards you shipped detailing the highest prevailing value from our major buylist partners.

Management Team
Nathaniel Buckley-Wright
Cheyne Rood
Nicholas Anderson

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