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Hunter B.
Review left Apr 05 2021
Shipment processed Feb 26 2021
$845.13 payout, $99.57 fees

Great Value and Great Customer Service


Cards are graded and valued at market price at a reasonable pace, and Customer Service is very patient and helpful if you have any questions or concerns with your shipment.

If you have ever traded in a large number of cards to any other card store or distributor, you know the feeling of being undervalued and even with store credit you still can't shake the feeling of being ripped off.

At Card Conduit, since they sell to their distributors and take a percentage of the cards value as payment, it is in their best interest to get you the most value for your collection.

I have never sold cards through any other source besides Card Conduit that has actually made me feel that I got fair value for my collection.
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