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Ray B.
Review left Sep 29 2021
Shipment processed Sep 14 2021
$639.56 payout, $53.17 fees

Detailed and a friendly, easy way to sell your cards


I would highly, highly recommend Card Conduit as a service.

Used it for the first time ever. I packed a small USPS flat-rate box full of cards. Created a shipment on their site, shipped it, anxiously waited.

And waited. And waited. And about a week later, they received my cards, but told me that they haven't received it to PROCESS yet.

Then they did, and then it was another wait... about a week or so.

And then they sent me the craziest novel of an email... to tell me, in detail, about how most of my shipment was in NM to LP condition with few exceptions, told me about my payout, and provided an analysis on my shipment on their site to peruse. THIS was amazing, and it wasn't some canned crap either. Nick Anderson was VERY thorough and passionate about what he was doing, and I was very grateful for it.

And of course, being the nerd I am, responded in kind, to ask for clarity, and basically share the same passion with MTG.

And he followed up with me, personally, checked in with the grader, and answered my questions, again in DETAIL, and I felt like I was doing a pen pal chat via email. This is the level of personal correspondence. I loved this part of the whole experience. On top of this, he was a fantastic client advocate and changed my standard order to a curated order, netting ME $60 more than what the initial payout was.

Sure, $60 is probably cheap to them to buy a loyal customer, but it sure as hell worked. What company actually wants to GIVE a customer MORE? Card Conduit, that's who.

Took about another week for the payment department, but then they let me know that because of USPS's delays, my check may take a while to get to me. I suggested that they offered instant payouts with PayPal and whatnot, and they answered back that they actually offered electronic payment with Zelle.

I was able to sign up for Zelle, set it up, and then received the payment the NEXT day.

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