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Ray B.
Review left Oct 30 2022
Shipment processed Oct 19 2022
$414.58 payout, $21.82 fees

Seamless, painless, fantastic service!


This is the second time I've ever used Card Conduit, and I intend on using them again.

This time around, I actually didn't have any real interaction with anyone at CC. I create my shipment (which was super easy), protected my cards with team bags and zip log bags, then packed them into a small USPS box, and shipped it away. I left them a note letting them know how they were shipped and updated the tracking number.

I then expected it to be done within 3 weeks, like how it was last time.

I got periodic email updates, and then the report and payment via Zelle. I was a bit shocked that so many of my cards were considered Lightly Played (less than half) or Moderately Played (almost half!)... I thought most of the cards were Near Mint, but I guess they are METICULOUS and inspect every card under the light for ANY anomalies.

However, service-wise, CC is fantastic. I also noticed they changed my shipment type from Standard to Curated, going from 10% of value to 5% that goes to their fee. That's awesome!

Highly recommended!
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