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George B
Review left Feb 03 2021
Shipment processed Dec 22 2020
$4,991.30 payout, $733.79 fees

Overall Impression


The value felt fine compared to what I expected. I mostly appreciated the rate at which the transaction was processed, the transparency throughout, and the analysis provided upon completion. I also appreciated that they sent me a picture of my shipment when it was received, which showed that the postal service had not treated my package properly. Overall the service was great. Be warned though, they do not pay anything for damaged cards, so even you have a $40 card (lowest price lp) but they consider it damaged (based on certain criteria, but likely still playable), they will not give you anything for it.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Feb 25 2021

Thanks very much for taking the time to provide your feedback. Just as a note on damaged cards – unfortunately most vendors will not purchase them. As such, we’re not able to get much, if any, value from them in our normal processes – and the payout reflects that. For very expensive items ($100+ near mint buylist price), we are able to offer some amounts, as those can still be sold via our normal processes, typically.

We have had some customers request that particular items graded as damaged, and thus assessed at zero, be sent back to them at their expense, which we are happy to do for customers. In those cases, the customers may be able to get 10-20% near mint price on TCGPlayer (say for a $40 card), though that can certainly vary – and the convenience factor is eliminated.
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