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Brett B
Review left Jun 23 2021
Shipment processed Jun 11 2021
$610.90 payout, $78.58 fees

Easy way to sell a lot of cards


I think the process was pretty easy, and it was a good way for me to offload a bunch of cards in the $2-$15 range. I didn't trade in higher-priced cards because I think those are worth selling individually. Overall, the amount I received was less than I expected, but the stats page explained the values very well. Overall, my take-home was 55% of the face value of all my cards summed on TCG Player. For not having to sell 321 cards, it seemed worth it to me. The communication was great and transparent.
The only concern I had was with the shipping. When I went to my post office, they said they found the building for the address provided, but not the unit number. This made me a little wary, although they did end up receiving my shipment. Further, my tracking marked the box as delivered, but CC didn't confirm they actually had the box for 2-3 days afterwards. So, as a heads-up to future sellers, know that your cards are likely safe as long as you send to the exact address provided.
Zelle was an easy way to be paid and I received $0 fees from that processing method.
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