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Chris Cade
Review left Jan 08 2021
Shipment processed Nov 10 2020
$584.97 payout, $66.19 fees

Easy, Good Communication, Cards Graded Lower Than Expected


The system & process are really easy for starting a shipment, tracking it, and payment.

The only downside was I was expecting to receive more cash for my cards; however, due to condition I received probably 30% less than I had expected.

To be fair, I've never learned the correct way to grade cards, and I didn't look closely at each card I sent. So cards I thought were NM were marked as LP or even MP in some cases.

I like that there was a detailed report about every card I sent, its condition, and the amount I got paid for that card.

All-in-all, I'd sell my cards to them again.

The ease of the system and detailed reports gives me confidence that they're doing their best to get me the most for my cards (especially since Card Conduit makes more money when my cards are valued higher).
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