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Chris Brower
Review left Sep 09 2021
Shipment processed Aug 28 2021
$248.54 payout, $11.71 fees

Beware Price Cuts for "MP" cards


So, used card conduit again, but this time I got pretty wrecked by their grading/pricing. Pretty much all my high-price cards got an MP rating (when some of them were LP/NM easy). One example is The Ur-dragon.
I got $20 for it (marked as MP foil) when the cheapest HP foil is $45 on TCG.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Sep 09 2021

We're very sorry to hear you were unhappy with your latest experience with our service. Meeting or exceeding expectations for our customers is of utmost importance to us, and critical to that is ensuring our customers understand what our service is. We provide buylist value assessments -- so not retail prices; this is something we do our best to explain extensively in the shipment creation process and surrounding literature, and we are always open to suggestions on areas where that could be made more clear. We understand it can be frustrating to see a large gap between a retail price on TCGPlayer and the best buylist price available, but unfortunately that can and does happen - especially on foil cards that are not NM, where the markdowns on buylist are steeper than non-foil versions.

The cards from your shipment were priced at the best buylist prices for the grades assessed, and we feel they were fair given the condition of the cards and the respective offers among our vendor partners. Each vendor can have specific criteria which may affect the grade - and so we are always seeking the top buylist price for your card, not the best grade. We know that it is disappointing to see cards downgraded, but we must consistently apply the appropriate grading criteria for each of our vendor partners.

Your report provides a full breakdown of the grading assessments. We are always willing to provide additional information (and/or photographs) explaining the grading of a particular card as long as you contact us shortly after your report is received (while the card is still in our hands), so please keep that in mind should you decide to give the service another try. At the end of the day, we want you to be a satisfied customer, and so we apologize again we were not able to meet your expectations on this shipment, as we were able to on the prior two.
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