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Review left Jan 08 2021
Shipment processed Nov 25 2020
$274.52 payout, $44.74 fees

Card Conduit turned a nightmare scenario into a successful transaction


My friend and I recently decided to sell our paper magic card collection to get some coin. The initial thought was to sell on eBay, but after doing some research we landed on Card Conduit since it would be much easier dealing with one buyer rather than hundreds of them. Everything went smooth with the first box I sent, but when we sent the more valuable portion of the collection, things went sideways. UPS completely lost the second shipment. We had previously estimated the total value to be over a thousand dollars, the package containing them, missing. Throughout the turmoil, Nick at Card Conduit kept me updated, filed UPS claims reports for me, provided me with shipping information and contacted me regularly while looking out for the package at their HQ. UPS was a complete nightmare to deal with, but Nick was reassuring and extremely helpful while we navigated the UPS claims disaster. Luckily, the package was located (no thanks to UPS) at another location and returned to Card Conduit. The remaining collection was quickly processed and we were paid out promptly. Thank you to Nick and everyone at Card Conduit for making this happen! We are so grateful for helping turn things around for us. I'd highly recommend Card Conduit for anyone wanting to get some money from their collection and not deal with having to sell singles on eBay. Just don't use UPS, and make sure the shipper offers insurance on the shipment.
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