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Evan H
Review left Feb 07 2021
Shipment processed Oct 13 2020
$408.85 payout, $79.56 fees

Fair Service; Impressive Speed


I would recommend Card Conduit to a majority of people looking to sell a collection, especially to people who know very little about the game and do not wish to get into it. To the widows and other non-player people who might encounter a collection, this is a great service!

As for players, you get what you put in. I did a little legwork by knowing that some cards are pricey despite their rarity. In fact I went over the collection I was looking at and pulled a "rares/foils/fullart lands" pile and a "look these up" pile. While some bulk still accidentally made it through, I was pleased with the results: for doing about 3 hours of work across a couple days, I ended up with ~$400 (after the shipping label) out of the deal.

What Card Conduit does is remove a lot of the risk of not being able to sell your collection. You do a fraction of the work, they get in contact with the buylist providers. I can tell you that takes a lot of time if your collection is big. Some cards that carry larger price tags I do attempt to sell through other means first. The beauty of this service is that they will give you cash for the cards right away instead of having to wait for a buyer to see your ad.

Highly recommend doing this -- be sure to exclude categories if you aren't going to sort through a collection though. Just because Lotus Petal is at a common doesn't mean that they'll counteract all the basic lands you could potentially send off to them.
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