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First-time Seller - Tyler
Review left Apr 15 2023
Shipment processed Apr 06 2023
$376.72 payout, $6.90 fees

First-time selling experience


Although it was a little time consuming, it was definitely a worthwhile experience. The initial value of your lot is not what you'll get. Expect your cards value to be anywhere from 50% to 80% of the value it might be listed for on a marketplace site. However, having sold cards on eBay for years, it is pretty much a fair deal considering the time to list, box up, and ship individual cards. After fees, you usually only walk away with 50 to 70% of the card value anyway.

Card Conduit allowed me to consolidate and sell a number of cards. Their communication was very transparent and easy to follow on their process on their website. I ended up doing the sorting myself to reduce the fees to 2% on their part. A great deal, in my opinion. From starting the entire process online to collecting payment took about 3 weeks overall (couple days to sort and box up, a few days to ship, a week for them to receive, catalog, and finalize, then a week to receive payment).

Be mindful that your lots value can vary during the period you ship until they finalize their assessment. Mine went up a little, then down, then back up to be a few dollars more than it was when I initially sent it in. It's the risk you run, but CardConduit proved to be professional, helpful, transparent, and fair.
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