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Sam Horton
Review left Apr 10 2023
Shipment processed Mar 31 2023
$2,086.53 payout, $38.25 fees

Overall a wonderful experience


I did a sorted list since I wasn't sure exactly how everything would go and I wanted an idea of where I was before I sent anything in. The process was really easy and user-friendly. The turnaround time was 100% in line with their SLAs and the communication was great. The only thing that kinda got to me was because this was sorted I had a pretty clear estimate of the value of my cards from the start. It was a bummer to see the value fluctuate and ultimately go down as the shipment was waiting to be picked up from their mailbox and while it was in the queue to get graded. I completely understand WHY it happened - I just wish there was a way to lock in pricing like a traditional buylist.

Even with that I would 100% do this again and I was very happy with the payout. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to move their cards as it is a LOT easier than trying to compare buylists or shipping cards out individually like on TCGplayer.
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