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James Ailstock
Review left Mar 17 2023
Shipment processed Mar 07 2023
$396.69 payout, $7.27 fees

Pretty good but could use some improvements


I used the sorted shipment to try and maximize buylist value of cards I already knew I was going to trade in.
The process of creating an account, selecting a service, and creating a buylist of cards was extremely easy and seamless.
The process of sorting the cards in order, packaging, and shipping the cards was also very easy.
The time it took to receive, process, and payout my buylist was a little longer than other buylist I have used (about 3-7 days longer), but Card Conduit was transparent about that timeline from the beginning. The major issue with the longer timeline (and my overall issue with this process) is that your buylist value fluctuates during that entire time until it is full processed. Unlike other buylist where the value is locked in (as long as it is mailed within 7 days), this buylist can fluctuate. In theory, that means your buylist can increase as well, but I was sending a decent amount of cards from a newly released set. While some cards can increase in value after release, the majority decrease in value. This means I was losing value as time went by. At the time I submitted my buylist, it was valued at ~$422. Once it was processed it was valued at ~$403 (before grading and fees). The $19 I lost in value while I was waiting on it to be processed was probably a large portion of the total amount I gained in sending here as opposed to a single buylist. That kind of defeats the purpose once you throw in the 2% fee.
I submitted 50 cards for buylist. Only 1 card came back as less than NM, and it was a card I traded for that I would have also marked at a played condition. I was very pleased with the grading and with the personalized note that comes back with your report.

So overall I would recommend this service to friends and fellow players with one caveat: if a decent % of your buylist is from a set that was released within the last 30 days (when card prices are more volatile) , I would just submit to a single buylist vendor.
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