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Review left Mar 20 2023
Shipment processed Mar 09 2023

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Not a scam, pretty quick support responses. I did the "Sorted" method: shipped 2/28, received 3/3, processed 3/9, paid 3/12. You'd get more money by selling singles on TCGPlayer/eBay, but I opted for this aggregate buylist option because I got to sell everything in one go to the same entity on my timeframe, saving a lot of time and headache. I think they assessed prices/conditions fairly. Overall, this service is as advertised, would do again.

Only concern is I don't get how they make money. Perhaps, I'm a minority customer, but they took ~$3.50 out of my ~$200 of proceeds. Even if it took only 15 minutes to process my cards, that's not a lot of margin. Maybe more people don't like to sort the cards and just send in boxes for higher fees, but that's a lot of labor to go through them. I don't know how else they could stay in business unless they have some extra markdown on the proceeds (say the buylist price is $10, then actually sell it for $11 to a vendor's buylist), but it would be unfair of me to speculate as--like I said--prices/conditions assessed by them were fair, service was as advertised. Maybe they have other ideas to monetize in the future.
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