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Review left Mar 12 2023
Shipment processed Feb 28 2023

The best experience selling a large lot of used MTG cards I’ve used yet.


Super easy process working with Card Conduit. Saved me tons of time and paid FAST! I could’ve possibly brought in more money by piecing everything out individually, but by time I shipped to multiple places and dealt with fees everywhere, it still may not have been as much as Card Conduit paid! I’ve sold a lot of cards through EBay in the past and working with Card Conduit on a 900-card lot of decent value was faster and much more convenient.

Be aware, they are tough with their grading…and rightfully so. They are acquiring cards to resell, so don’t send them a bunch of played cards and expect near mint payout. If you’re worried about the payout, be sure to request to review your processing results and they will give you an itemized list of card grades. I didn’t have any issues with the grades my cards received, but I know a lot of traders out there over-value their card conditions so just be realistic when sending cards in.

Lastly, FedEx insures a max of $1,000 for collectibles…and you’ll need an official appraisal for homeowner’s insurance to cover any shipping damages. I say this to plan accordingly…whether than means finding coverage outside of the shipper, or breaking a big shipment into multiple smaller ones. Otherwise, you accept the risk of potential shipping damages.

Nick and the team at Card Conduit have been a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to do business with them again!
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