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Review left Feb 27 2023
Shipment processed Feb 14 2023
$3,059.66 payout, $62.44 fees

Very Good Service


So I decided ti sell my collection for various reasons, and this ended up being how I chose to do so. As for my experience:

- I fully expected a price decently below actual card value, since CC doesn’t sell straight into the secondary market, but all in all, I was still quite satisfied with my value, and actually got more than I was expecting.

- The process of cataloguing my collection, packing, and shipping was pretty straightfoward, and went off without a hitch. It seems little to no damage occurred in transit as well, thankfully.

- All things considered, the process post-shipping was rather quick, and I felt pretty up to date on where CC was in the process of finalizing my sale.

- Customer service was very friendly, and while I had no need to contact them, I did receive a personalized email praising the contents and condition of my collection, which was an appreciated and fun capstone to this process.

Overall, I’d rate this service very highly! While I will say that it’s better to sell singles yourself if you just have a few valuable cards here or there you want to let go, or if you’re more patient in wanting to sell your collection. That said, if you want to get a fairly large collection of cards turned into money in a quick, orderly, and friendly fashion, this is by far the best way to do so!
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