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Justin Loughrey
Review left Apr 16 2023
Shipment processed Apr 08 2023
$552.51 payout, $10.12 fees

I absolutely love this service


I will say that I asked a ton of questions via email prior to shipping this first order. I used it as my "test" order and I was pleasantly surprised with the ability to track the process, the follow up email, and the valuation. I found that in the ManaBox app I can sort my cards by highest buylist price and it was nearly 1:1 with the payout. Selling cards is a pain online, and this service just made it so damn easy. I'm about to send another large order in, and I look forward to a longer relationship with Card Conduit!

I do have a few Cons, but mostly as things I would like to see as a customer:

- Easier editing of imported card lists (Qty and removing cards I mislogged prior to uploading my CSV)

- Disclaimer that the 10% off does not mean the fee goes away (2%). I was under the impression the 2% sorting fee was a wash with 10% off code. This might be in fine print somewhere, but it's not an issue with Sorted shipments as the fee is so minimal.

- Add in a credit option and sell some sealed boxes or decks :)

All in all, the process was *chefs kiss* and I love how easy importing my collection is!
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