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of our Magic collection selling service

Matthew H.
Review left Dec 13 2022
Shipment processed Dec 07 2022
$7,968.19 payout, $375.46 fees

I would use Card Conduit again and again, if I had anything left to sell


I had to make the tough decision to offload almost my entire M:tG collection and wanted to make it as easy and painless as possible. The thought of lugging everything to a shop and potentially not being able to sell everything in one go was something I dreaded.

When I learned about Card Conduit, I was skeptical at first as I imagine a lot of people would be. I had a decently sized collection and was pretty nervous about packing it up and shipping it. The support person Nick was super helpful and responsive; and honestly made the whole process a lot easier.

The shipping portal is easy to use and very informative, I never felt unsure about what was happening since they provide regular updates.

The final payout was a little higher than I expected and totally reasonable given the service and convenience of the process.

If I had a collection to sell again, I would 100% use Card Conduit!
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