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Joshua Morrow
Review left Dec 09 2022
Shipment processed Nov 29 2022
$1,176.28 payout, $24.01 fees

You’d be unwise to use ANY other service than Card Conduit


First, the value. I curated a shipment of my most valuable cards and received a fantastic price. I understand the cutting in price for newly opened foils as this has been a long-standing issue with Wizards. I personally feel the staff at Card Conduit did extremely well on my foils. The rest of my sale was higher values than I had estimated from all of the other large buying stores (channel fireball, cool stuff, card kingdom).

Second, the processing. Their system is the best of its kind compared to anything other I’ve seen when selling cards in the past. You don’t need to reach out to support staff to get status on your order, it’s simply shown in the system at what specific stage your processing is currently located at. I DID reach out due to USPS, and the staff was outstanding.

Lastly and most importantly, the customer service. I can’t find a single little issue to even remotely complain about. Everything was as perfect, as smooth, and as loyal as one could expect. I communicated with Nick, and he gets 19 gold stars from my perspective! I just can’t express the amount of gratitude I have and how much sheer respect I have for this service overall. The team is simply the best choice.

PS: I sold some higher value reserved list cards and got great prices. I’m glad to know they’ll go to a good home and be used for what they were intended for instead of sitting in my closet collecting dust.
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