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Review left May 08 2023
Shipment processed Apr 27 2023
$18,532.48 payout, $975.39 fees

Easiest Buylist Service Out There


I sent in a curated collection. The process was very simple and straightforward. I had a few questions before sending; and Nick at Card Conduit was quick to respond and was very helpful. I sent in my cards, and after being received - it took about a week for them to sort and process. The team was very responsive and kept open communication at all times.

After sorting and grading, I received a full listing of what I sent in with their final condition grading and value. They were very transparent and thorough.

As a player for nearly 30 years; many of my more valuable cards were 'well loved'. I was afraid most of these would be classed as 'damaged' and that they would either refuse to buy or buy them as bulk. I feel this would be the case with other services I had used before. However, I found Card Conduit took the time and properly graded and assessed each card. Overall, I found grading to be accurate and fair, on the more generous side - which as a seller, I appreciated.

ACH payment had a hiccup on the banking side, but the Card Conduit team reached out to me quickly and got it resolved.

The full process took about 8 days from the day they received the cards until I received ACH payment.

Compared to other services out there, this was faster, easier, and didn't require me to sort these cards myself. While I had to pay the service fee; I feel this was more than worth the time and hassle required for me to avoid putting everything in set and collection order, verifying set/art/printings, making sure foils are accounted as foils, verifying the card was even on their buylist or would be bulk, etc. I just generated an order number, boxed my cards up, shipped them, answered a few questions, and got paid a week later.

Overall, I highly recommend selling cards Card Conduit. So far they are the best buylist service that I have used. I would gladly use them again.
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