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Edward Bathrick
Review left Nov 14 2022
Shipment processed Oct 28 2022
$7,113.72 payout, $374.41 fees

Great service for what it is


Overall a great experience. For my situation I needed to sell my entire non-bulk collection and was not willing to go the online seller route. Card Conduit acted as a sort of broker who did all the leg work for me. Yes, I did lose out on a lot of value by buylisting my collection, but I needed to unload my cards fast. Not everyone will be in the same situation as me and will find it more profitable to sell individually. I was happy with their payout offer and I deemed it fair. The few LGS in my area offered less value and didn't want some of the lesser value cards in my collection (unless I sold them as bulk) so I feel as though I came out on top. And Card Conduit made it easy. Register a shipment, mail it in (securely), and get paid. Turnaround was quick enough. No complaints.
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