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Martin Hedarp
Review left Oct 30 2022
Shipment processed Oct 27 2022
$3,926.40 payout, $80.54 fees

Easy and communicative but tough graders


The process was easy. They respond to email very fast which is a huge plus and something I value highly.
Like others have said, you get to follow the process very closely - Recieve, catalog, grading, report and payout.

They are extremely tough graders. Do not look at ABU gradings, CK gradings or Cardmarket because that wont help you here.
I might add that 90% of my cards was foils which usually are more susceptible to scratches and ofcourse clouding.

I had a few questionmarks but Nick took the time and took photos of the cards I wanted an explanation off and pointed out what made them grade them LP/MP. He also gave me some tips on how to do this myself.

Tips for other users would be to very closely inspect your cards for small scratches or wear if you are aiming for NM to LP.

I did have my mind set on a higher value than I got but my total experience is still positive and I will most likely use their service again.

A tip for Cardconduit would be to post example pictures of NM, LP MP, HP (foil, non-foil)
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