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Herb Haley
Review left Oct 31 2022
Shipment processed Oct 20 2022
$340.74 payout, $6.95 fees

First impressions of Card Conduit


I read Card Conduit's Facebook site, their explanation of what and how they deal with clients and their collections and was quite skeptical about the whole process. Would they low ball the card value? Would they grade a card lower than it was in order to keep a few dollars for themselves? It was just doubts about everything. I probably wouldn't have used Card Conduit if other buyers I had used offered better service. But they didn't.
I sent a relatively small anount of cards i n to Card Conduit, enough to pay for some expected expenses of my upcoming wedding anniversary. From start to finish the process was clear, easy to follow, and I was messaged by Card Conduit at every step from listi ng, to mailing, to receiving, to grading, and finally to payment. All those reservations I had before using their service were alleviated. In fact, I just sent another bundle in to be processed because of the great service and the trust Card Conduit established. I highly recommend them.
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