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Benjamin Farnsworth
Review left Oct 16 2022
Shipment processed Oct 05 2022
$290.99 payout, $15.31 fees

Not bad


The process was pretty simple and easy. I only have a couple of gripes. One was that it took a while for everything to be processed and I didn't send in more than 100 cards. Another was that the grading system felt rather harsh and since I couldn't get returns I couldn't turn down an offer on a couple of cards. It may have been my fault, but given what I got for some of my higher value cards, I would rather have the card. That being said, I am still planning on sifting through my bulk commons and uncommons to see if it's worth sending. Now the good part was that I did receive a full breakdown of each card and I did receive the exact amount that they said I would. Even if it took longer than expected. And it was more than I would have received from my LGS. Though with my LGS I was able to deny an offer and keep my card. Highly recommended for cards valued between $1 and $5, but higher than that sell on ebay or TCG Player.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Oct 17 2022

We appreciate you taking the time to review your experience. We just wanted to provide some additional information regarding a few of the items you mentioned.

(1) On timing, we do our best be as up front about this as possible. Unfortunately, due to how our internal systems are set up, the size of the shipments typically won’t result in them being completed before expected (though very large shipments will at times be pushed back). If there is a particular urgency for a shipment/situation, we do our best to try to prioritize a shipment to accommodate the customer.

(2) Regarding returns, we do allow customers to request that their shipment be held for review so they can review/approve results before things are finalized. It sounds like this option would have worked well for you, and allowed you to get more information on particular cards (often customers request pictures/additional explanations of grading) and/or potentially have those particular cards returned.
We launched our reviews feature in January 2021, and invited every previous customer to leave a review. Reviewers have the option to omit their payout/fee amounts and shipment highlights page. We publish all reviews, unedited, but may post a response in certain cases. We may need to remove a review if it's offensive (profanity, etc).