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of our Magic collection selling service

Nathan Holtz
Review left Oct 04 2022
Shipment processed Sep 23 2022
$6,179.10 payout, $291.16 fees

Great experience, fair pricing, and quick turnaround


I think the process was easy, it helps if you have some google sheets or excel experience if you want to do curated list. Which personally I would recommend to maximize your value and set expectations. There are some great apps by Dragon Shield and others to help you catalog all your rares and mythics etc... The whole process was transparent and the report at the end didn't have any grades I thought were unfair. It can be really hard to find local buyers or get a fair price at an LGS when dealing with a large collection. If you have hesitations about what to do reach out to Card Conduit their customer team is responsive, professional, and helpful.
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