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Donald Brorson
Review left Oct 26 2022
Shipment processed Sep 26 2022
$889.21 payout, $16.30 fees

A Very Reasonable Buylist Option!


Card Conduit generally offers a better rate than your typical LGS at what I found to be (on average) 70% of the market-predicted value of your collection (based on a follow-up assessment with a sorted selection of 100 non-bulk cards from my collection, unfortunately, I didn't take sufficient data from the sale I'm reviewing). I'd guess that CC needs to take a cut of the value on top of the normal fees to insure against untrustworthy sellers as well as natural fluctuations in the secondary market to protect themselves as a business. That being said, I remember being surprised when the report came in, that the total didn't meet my expectations. Part of this split could be attributed to strict grading, but not totally, because the variety of grades that came back were in some cases better than I had expected and in some cases much worse, so; I don't think this mixed bag of results can fully explain the deductions from my expected value (based on the regrettably vague figures I came up with at the time).

Based on my vague estimates I think I got about 75-80% value back (after a lot of rounding and a lot of fidgeting over what I would have graded my cards, compared to TCGplayer market price estimates; I placed the value of my cards at just under $1200) which would be a better rate than the one I found for the sample in the follow-up analysis. I see this loosely estimated 25% cut on top of the small and very reasonable 2% fee (for the sorted service) as a satisfactory deal.

Something I didn't know when I sent in my shipment that I have since learned from reading other customer reviews is that you can ask CC to hold your collection for review, and if you don't like their valuation, allegedly, you can get the parts of your collection back that you feel were undervalued. If true, then huge!
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