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Review left Jan 08 2021
Shipment processed Aug 06 2020
$188.33 payout, $23.64 fees

A Good Choice to Turn Cards Into Cash


The Skinny: Even though I did not get as much as I expected, it was worth it to have CardConduit sell my cards.

The Lengthy: Looking at cards on online vendors, such as ebay, compared to Magic card stores, I would have to pay a slight premium at the online card shop. So, I thought selling cards would be the way to go. But, that takes way too much time and effort- not worth it. Buylisting is nice, but card prices differ depending on the buyer, so how do I make off with the most profit? That is why I tried CardConduit, at the recommendation of MTGGoldfish. The process was easy: place an order, ship with tracking, add tracking to order, wait for a response. When I got a response, honestly, I was disappointed with the value return from the cards I sent. The rep who contacted me was clear in his explanations of card valuation. And it made sense that there were some cards that I owned (and that I played a lot) that were not as near mint-y as I had thought. They seem honest and knowledgeable and their cut is reasonable, enough said.
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