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Review left Oct 11 2022
Shipment processed Sep 07 2022
$73.16 payout, $40.60 fees



I sent a small portion of my collection (around couple hundred $ worth) Process was easy, but any cards I had of value were coincidentally "heavily played" and thus I only recieved $73, about 25% of what I valued my cards at. Will be selling the remainder of my collection elsewhere.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Oct 12 2022

We’re very sorry you were disappointed with the service; we do our very best to not just meet or exceed customer expectations, but also ensure customers trying our service know what to expect coming into it. When it comes to value expectations, customers expecting to receive full retail value for their cards – especially when “retail value” is applied to cards which are actually bulk (little or no buylist value), as the “retail price” for these cards reflects the cost to actually ship a card, not just the card’s value – will be disappointed. The prevalence of collection valuation tools that use retail values creates a challenge in folks understanding the actual value of their cards. To that end, we offer our own robust pricing tools and collection estimate tool to facilitate customers understanding the types of values to expect from our service prior to actually sending cards in.

In the case of the shipment in question, the full retail value was $250. However, the best buylist price for the entire shipment at Near Mint was $145 (before grading is taken into account). The difference between the two values is a result of the 830+ bulk cards, which do not have significant value to any vendor. With a roughly $114 payout prior to our fees, this is in line with expectations depending on the grading. Unfortunately, we can see even under the very best conditions (that everything is graded NM and zero fees), the potential return for this shipment was doomed to miss expectations of expected value in excess of the full retail value.

Grading is another point emphasized by the review here, and we can certainly understand and empathize with the frustration you experienced when many of your more expensive cards are not in Near Mint condition. One unique thing about our service is that we can use each vendor criteria to assess the cards to attain the best value possible, not just the best grade possible. One thing we stress to all of our customers is that you can always reach out to us after you get your report if you have any questions or need more information on any particular cards; we are always happy to provide pictures and detailed explanations for why cards are graded as they are, and that ensures everyone is on the same page and can feel confident that “coincidences” don’t exist. At the end of the day, we must grade the cards accurately in the condition they are received – but we are always willing to share that justification and go out of our way to ensure the customer understands our process.

Lastly, our fees and fee structure are set up to reflect the labor necessary to process a shipment. For shipments with a very high concentration of bulk cards, the payout for non-bulk cards will be quickly eroded by the effort (and fees) associated with processing the bulk ones. We have our Curated and Sorted shipment types which are available to customers who want to do a bit of the legwork ahead of time and pay less in fees. Of the nearly 1,000 cards here, just 30 of them qualify for those services (that is, they have an expected buylist value of $1 or more at NM condition); ultilizing our Sorted service here instead of the Standard would have resulted in a $104 payout for just those 30 cards, and our fee would have been a mere $2 and change. In addition, for our Standard service we offer “exclusions” which will result in the excluded card types (e.g. commons) not being catalogued, and also waive the fee for those cards.

In conclusion, we apologize again that we were unable to meet your expectations. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review, and we hope that the review in combination with our response will assist future customers in considering how to best utilize our service – and our willingness to work with any potential future customers to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded.
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