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Review left Sep 01 2022
Shipment processed Aug 25 2022
$876.67 payout, $16.06 fees

Fair but not fast


The value I received was fair but it took almost a month before getting payment. I understand there is a reason for it but perhaps they could invest in making the process faster.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Sep 02 2022

We do our best to set timing expectations for customers throughout our site; when we won't be able to meet the "norm", we will always let customers know as soon as we are aware. In this case, the Shipment was Mailed on 8/15, arrived to us 8/19, was processed on 8/25, and was paid on 8/28. So, the time between shipment and payment was under two weeks. This falls well within our described timeframes, and should be within expectations for anyone considering the service.
We launched our reviews feature in January 2021, and invited every previous customer to leave a review. Reviewers have the option to omit their payout/fee amounts and shipment highlights page. We publish all reviews, unedited, but may post a response in certain cases. We may need to remove a review if it's offensive (profanity, etc).