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Review left Aug 29 2022
Shipment processed Aug 18 2022
$2,043.51 payout, $37.46 fees

Great experience! Pleasantly surprised!


I decided to try out the service per a friend's recommendation. The fee structure seems very fair and I really enjoyed that it was adjustable based on how much work I was willing to put in. I had read ahead of time that the grading can be a bit harsh but appreciated that they provided estimates of the collection at each tier. My personal expectation had been that I'd land right between the LP and MP estimates (guessed the cards would be 50/50) - and that was exactly where I ended up for payout in the end. Realistically had I listed the cards myself I would have knocked them all down a grade anyways to cover myself anyways. Being able to save the time, headache, and cost of listing, packaging, and shipping almost 300 cards was more than worth the fees to me. Will definitely use this service again in the future.
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