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Jerry Tilley
Review left Jul 30 2022
Shipment processed Jul 19 2022
$558.07 payout, $11.39 fees

Great service, albeit slightly misleading


I found Card Conduit to be very easy to use and had zero issues with getting the cards shipped to them. I really only had a couple of issues with the service:

1) they’re incredibly anal. I had a couple of cards that I took directly out of a pack and moved directly into a sleeve; never played, never used. When they were graded LP I sent an email and received back photos of very faint, very minuscule “scratches” on the surface of the card. So even if a LGS would grade your card NM if you’ve ever touched it, then go ahead and consider it LP for your dollar value.

2) the timeline. One section of the website meticulously lays out the timeline of when everything will happen and culminates in being roughly 10 days. A second section simply says “TL;DR it’ll take about 2 weeks”. My issue here is win some instances we’re talking about large amounts of money; being vague isn’t a quality I like in businesses that I choose to do business with. If you tell me 14 days and it takes 10 then great; if you tell me 10 and it’s take 14 then we have an issue.

But again, overall I had a good experience with them and now that I have this newfound knowledge I’ll be better prepared to deal with them in the future.
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