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Review left Aug 05 2022
Shipment processed Jul 13 2022
$2,036.51 payout, $95.96 fees

A Great Service!


I heard about card conduit through the repeated mentionings of it on MTG Goldfish's podcasts and the like, and I decided to give it a go. I had a bunch of rares just laying around from 15+ years of playing that I would never find room for in my commanders decks (and... greedily took apart a few of my pricy decks I hated playing because they where to strong) and sent them in. The service was excellent, the personal emails I got about my shipment, how they could make things easier, how they explained the hold I could see on paypal for some days was also very welcome. I would very much recommend this service to others, I even sent in more tradable rares once I found out how amazing this was and they should be processed shortly. A very great experience, and yah 5/5 would recommend to others (and have). Only having to unsleeve my bulk rares and ship them in unorganized was very helpful, as I had way to many for me to rare to sort. I am trying the curated shipment next time as well :).
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