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Review left Sep 18 2022
Shipment processed Jun 15 2022
$3,732.71 payout, $196.46 fees

Very Very Very positive


The process was much easier than other buy-lists I have sold to. The simple fact is it's easy enough to go quickly through your collection and recognize cards that have a decent value, and far more difficult to sort everything by set and so forth. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel that I got shafted at other sights, but the reality is the cards I sent here I got about a thousand dollars more than I would have received elsewhere, that is including there curated fee. I did a look up on a statistically significant sampling of the different cards I sent (about 50 or so), and while their lowest price matched my previous go-to, they had some much higher offers as well, but none that were lower. Please note that another big part of the difference in why I was able to get so much more here is they took all the cards. Whereas other sites might be limited by the amount they are currently looking to buy. This sale was extremely helpful at a critical time as moving from Wisconsin to Nevada was not cheap.
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