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John Collini
Review left Sep 25 2022
Shipment processed Aug 03 2022
$3,222.31 payout, $151.84 fees

Fantastic service deal, could use better explanations


This is a fantastic service if you had lots of mid-tier cards you'd like to unload. The fee just completely outweighs the cost of shipping to many different buylists and he headache of figuring it out. They were speedy considering just how many cards I sent in! I would have liked better explanation for the process of for the different shipment styles. I went through a ton of work organizing my list of cards for sorted, only to discover I need to send in the card in *their* order, which just added way too much work, and I downgraded to curated. Had I known ahead of time, would have done it different. If you know *exactly* how your shipment will work, this is a fantastic service
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