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Review left May 11 2022
Shipment processed Apr 15 2022
$665.82 payout, $31.37 fees

Quick and painless


I've held on to some old cards from ages ago and never had the time to file through them all and sell them. When the opportunity to have someone else do it for me came, I was all about that. After a few hours of scanning in cards, I was able to put together two shipments (one cultivated, one not). It was made extra easy because I was able to send both in the same package, properly labelled. I was nervous about sending over $500 worth of cards in the mail, but once it arrived, Card Conduit kept me up to date on everything that was happening with the collections. They were quick and efficient and in the end I feel 100% that I made more selling to them than my time was worth doing it myself. Thank you, Card Conduit, for your business!
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