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Dustin M.
Review left Feb 22 2022
Shipment processed Feb 11 2022

First shipment was a success.


First, I would like to say that Nick is a wonderful customer service agent. He responds quickly to emails and is thorough in his explanations. I recently sent in a shipment of cards with a retail value of ~750 give or take and ended up getting ~500 for it. Could I have got more if I sold them on eBay or somewhere individually and waited a month or so? Probably, the answer is yes. However, factoring in the final eBay fees, shipping, and risk of buyers returning stuff, it wouldn't be a significant amount of gain for the time. Basically if your time is worth less to you then I would say go for it and list your stuff individually. But if you are wanting the most reasonable offer for your cards and want a hassle free experience Card Conduit is the way to go.

The only caveat here I would mention is definitely use their card evaluation and collection estimate tools. I can't fault Card Conduit solely here but what I see happens in this industry is a card will be bought and "graded" for less, example you have a NM card they pay you for LP or even a MP card then turn around and sell it for NM price. I see this ALL THE TIME on TCGplayer and almost any other online shop. It's just a fact. So be prepared for your cards to be graded less than what you probably think they ought to be graded. Regardless of this, I was still pleased.
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