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Michael D.
Review left Feb 10 2022
Shipment processed Feb 05 2022
$3,253.38 payout, $153.30 fees

Fast, great prices, smooth process


This was by far the fastest and easiest way I've ever sold cards. Payment was in my account in about 7 business days, but you may have a longer wait if you're sending a huge collection. As someone that used to purchase collections and sell them piecemeal on a marketplace, it never made sense to sell my $2-5 cards after shipping costs, fees, and all the hassle. This service is a no-brainer for anyone selling cheapish bulk staples; for a lot of cards in this range I made more selling through CardConduit than I could have made selling them myself. I can't imagine selling cards worth less than $10 any other way.

The main con is that I think this service is mostly designed for curated collections. While I used both the curated and non-curated options, I still went through my collection and picked out cards I knew had at least some value. If you open a case or two of the newest standard set and send in all the commons and uncommons, you're probably not going to have a great result since bulk cards will have negative value.

Neither of these are CardConduit's fault and are just a function buylisting, but there are two things to be aware of:
1. The spread between retail prices and buylist prices can get pretty large on expensive cards. If you sell cards yourself, you can expect roughly 10-15% less than retail plus whatever you spend on shipping. With buylisting you can easily take a 50% haircut. For expensive singles (think $50+ retail), you might be better off selling them yourself.
2. Different stores/buylists have significantly different grading definitions. One particularly large marketplace is pretty loosey goosey with their grades. You can sell some fairly beat up stuff as LP and really beat up stuff as MP (I mean, they allow creases as MP) within their grading scheme. Other places are more strict, so CardConduit has to be more strict than someone selling on that marketplace.
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