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Review left Feb 19 2022
Shipment processed Feb 12 2022
$164.66 payout, $39.33 fees

Best customer service ever


Normally when people online say it's the best thing every they're exaggerating or being hyperbolic. This is not one of those cases.
My five packages arrived damaged due to negligence on USPS's part. When trying to get the purchased insurance they gave me the run around and didn't end up reimbursing me. The person working on my orders took and sent pictures unprompted, asked how I would like to proceed, called me to go over options, and proceeded. He even recommended that I change my order settings so as to get more value for my cards that remained after the damage. Once my orders were done processing, he then further ruined me for other customer service by giving me a discount on the processing fees to help me recoup the shipping costs since USPS wouldn't honor the insurance. I could have asked for better help but I wouldn't have gotten it as this was the best that anyone could have ever done. No one would go wrong when working with them.
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