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Review left Apr 06 2022
Shipment processed Mar 26 2022
$591.13 payout, $31.11 fees

High expectations fulfilled


During previous shipments with CC I was unfortunately at the whim of the postal service for the worst. Unprompted, my receiving technician reached out to suggest best courses of action, took time out of his day to call me and have a conversation about what happened and what could happen with this shipment, and even adjusted my shipment options to give me a better return at the end. These selfless actions gave me sky high expectations for all interactions going forward. On this shipment, while I was not unfortunate enough to have issues like I did previously, they decided to combine both simultaneous shipments' payments into one, while also notifying me of it before doing this, thereby giving me peace of mind of not losing a transaction and making my books that much cleaner. I will never not advocate for CC and their customer service.
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