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of our Magic collection selling service

Review left Jan 04 2022
Shipment processed Dec 28 2021
$4,076.30 payout, $563.45 fees

Excellent and Effortless


With regard to selling cards, Card Conduit delivered. As I am not a collector, I simply had old, played cards. The idea of sorting, grading, selling the cards was daunting, and I also lacked the knowledge to grade them appropriately. Also, the idea of dealing with buyers independently was not a road that I wished to travel down--stranger danger, the hassle, and (possibly) scammers. Understand that you won't realize full retail value for your cards, but if you're not hardcore, it's definitely worth the trade-off. Safe, secure, trustworthy, and effortless. Excellent experience with strong communication from Card Conduit and detailed results.
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