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of our Magic collection selling service

Collin Campbell
Review left Dec 09 2022
Shipment processed Nov 29 2022
$2,366.79 payout, $48.30 fees

Exactly what they advertise, and exactly what the TCG community needs


Having sent several shipments to Card Conduit at this point, I feel confident in expressing complete satisfaction. Many of us in the TCG community (especially MTG) accumulate large collections within a relatively short time. When you hit a point of saturation and need to thin your collection, Card Conduit is an incredible tool. I don't have nearly the time and energy to try and sell large quantities of cards through online marketplaces or even local communities. So much networking, pricing, shipping, trading... it's a lot. Card Conduits system is simple to use, the varied shipment options were extremely accommodating, the fees felt more than fair, their estimated values are current, their communication was superb, and the time from sending it to payout was surprisingly rapid. Simply put, the effort they saved me far outvalues the extra margin I may have made selling my cards myself. I will always use this service to move collections, and will always recommend them to others looking to do the same.
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