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Review left Oct 12 2021
Shipment processed Sep 25 2021
$993.65 payout, $46.82 fees

Simple and easy, but one note of caution


Overall, the experience was great and I would recommend this. Their customer service is top notch and communicates well the whole time. Generally speaking, the pricing is good. As they advertise, you can get more dollars per card if you sell yourself, but you'd be hardpressed to sell a huge lot to a private party for a better deal because individuals will expect steeper discounts for "bulk" pricing. I advertised the cards I was about to sell here on facebook / craigslist and go zero takers asking anywhere near the pricing I eventually got here.
The one caveat. Since they sell to a variety of vendors, it seems like their standards for card quality may be harsher than you expect - particularly with foils. I think to meet each of the expectations of their vendors, this is something they need to do. I have photos of some of the foils that got listed as LP or MP with absolutely nothing I could identify as not NM. However, I trust their grading as honest because there were a few cards that went pack to sleeve to them and those were NM. When forming your expectations, unless it's pack to sleeve to them, I'd start with LP and go down from there.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Oct 12 2021

Unfortunately it's all too common where fresh out of pack cards come not-NM. This is widely documented across various internet sites and unhappy customer comments regarding card printing Quality Controls. Vendor's can indeed vary quite widely from vendor to vendor with regards to comparing same conditions between vendors and their criteria. Ultimately our goal is achieving the best value based on what each vendor accepts, even if the best value is a lower grade at one vendor with a better price than other vendors at a higher grade.
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