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Evan S.
Review left Mar 14 2022
Shipment processed Mar 02 2022
$2,164.79 payout, $113.94 fees

All cards are Lightly played


It does not matter if the card came out of a pack and sent straight to card conduit, they will be considered lightly played.
Card Conduit Team

Replied Mar 14 2022

We are very sorry to see that your experience with our service did not meet your expectations. Our service can bring some unique situations into play that are worth enumerating here. Before that, though, we will also note that all the recently released cards from your shipment actually were graded near mint – so it isn't clear which cards you're referring to that were straight out of the pack and sent to us. It was only cards from older sets in your shipment that we graded worse than near mint. In situations where there are questions about our process or grading, we do encourage customers to reach out to us to investigate and receive more information regarding our grades – we are always happy to provide more information and/or pictures to ensure we are on the same page.

One of the more unique parts about our service is that we are maximizing the payout for a particular cards, rather than maximizing the grade for a particular card. This can be jarring for customers to see cards they believed to be one grade instead come in at another. The key is to view the payout for the card and whether that is satisfactory, as there are many scenarios where a lower grade results in a higher payout. By way of example, the KTK Bloodstained Mires in this shipment were graded at LP, which was a payout of $28.67, while the highest NM price would be $28.48. In this example, grading the card at LP results in a superior payout.

Further to this point, every vendor we outlet cards to has their own rules regarding grading. Because there is no "one size fits all" approach, what one vendor might accept as NM may not be accepted by another vendor. If there is a card that would be accepted as NM by one vendor, but that payout is less than what another vendor's LP price is, we would again grade the card as LP in order to maximize the payout.

Lastly, although this did not appear to affect your shipment (as the cards from recent sets were all graded as near mint), it is very much worth noting that cards straight out of the pack are not necessarily near mint. Most people who have purchased sealed product in recent years has faced this to some degree, but the print quality and margin for error therein may mean that a card straight out of the pack is near mint. While we can absolutely share in the frustration many players feel about this, we unfortunately still have to grade the cards in their "as is" condition, and cannot take into account the fact that they may have been pulled out of the pack in that condition.
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